New toys create confusion

So Santa brought me an iPad Pro 10” and Apple Pencil. I’ve been painstakingly typing notes into Notability for an on-going book project. After 9 months I’m at the 300+ notes and beginning to think that Notability was a poor choice. I’d prefer a more structured filing system for my notes that Notability does not provide. Too late to change? I’d appreciate suggestions on a better (more sub-levels for note topics - I see only two in Notability). I possess OneNote as an option and have so-far never engaged with the note taking part of Scrivener. Before I get lost in my notes can someone suggest a better process? I read heavily, type notes (I have a pencil now) continually and file by topic. Many thanks.

As if my magic Notability crashes/clashes with Dropbox. Overnight I have 3 copies of every note all filed incorrectly on all my devices. Really sure now that Notability is not my future. Had to delete Dropbox files, painstakingly delete every duplicate note then re-connect to Dropbox. Now as it should be but… ever get that feeling of impending doom?

You could try Notebooks. It has both iOS and MacOS ( versions and synchronises via Dropbox and probably iCloud. Mind you, I haven’t tried using it in conjunction with Scrivener, nor with Apple Pencil.



iOS Scrivener on an iPad Mini with a Zagg keyboard case is what finally convinced me to abandon paper. I use it for reading (in conjunction with DevonThink To Go), I use it for interviews, I use it for notes to myself about ongoing projects. I use it for pretty much everything except email and grocery lists.

Best feature is that it’s Scrivener, so I can move notes from my “notetaking” project to my “writing” project at will, and I can use all of Scrivener’s metadata to tag (topic, source, etc.), split, rearrange, etc. And, of course, I never have to think about “how do I get this over to Scrivener.”


Another vote for Scrivener and DEVONthink. The latter has very good search. I’ve just done a test on my iPad and a simultaneous search of all nine of my databases yielded 333 results before I had finished typing in the search word. The largest of those databases contains text amounting to over 3 million words. In total, they add up to nearly 8 GB of data. Try that in Notability.