New typewriter mode quirk?

Since I’ve updated to version 3, I seem to be experiencing a new behaviour that I can’t seem to make stop.

I have typewriter mode turned off, and it stays off when I type anywhere in the editor. Great.

But when I add or delete a paragraph break, the editor shifts up or down to keep the cursor in the middle of the screen, as it would if typewriter mode was turned on. Is there something I do, some other box to check, to make this stop?

If you have typewriter scrolling turned off, there wouldn’t be any intentional features that work that way. There is of course the default behaviour where if you scroll the cursor out of view and then type, it snaps the editing line to the middle of the display. There was a known issue with that a while back where the zone in which this behaviour operated extended into the visible area of the screen along the top and bottom, under some conditions, but that should all be fixed at this point in v3. But that would have happened with any kind of edit, not just deleting or adding a carriage return. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one.

Does it happen after launching a new session, in all projects and with all text?

Hi Amber,

Thanks. New day and new session, so I checked. The behaviour didn’t happen while I had a split screen. Then I made one document take the whole screen again, and the behaviour happened once. Now it’s not happening at all, in any document.

So I don’t know what to make of this. I guess I’ll just carry on.

I’m having another problem that’s not document-specific, regarding editor background colors. Perhaps I should describe that in a separate post.