New UI feedback

I really like the new ScrivWin UI. It looks really good. I have a small niggle about the synopsis part of the inspector. Unlike previous versions it now feels a bit squished and could with lengthening slightly. It’s a bit cramped to write stuff into now so I switch to corkboard mode instead to write on the index cards.

Lo0ving the release so far!

Hi Stacey,

Glad you like it! The synopsis area has always been designed to have a 5x3 ratio, thus allowing more space for the notes area at the bottom. There are also other considerations, such as ensuring that the three elements of the inspector - the synopsis, meta-data area and notes/references/keywords panes - can fit comfortably even on small screens. That’s tough even on the Mac where the smallest screens are 1024x768; Microsoft specify that developers should support a minimum of 800x600 resolution screens, so it’s even tougher for Lee.

The synopsis area should get taller as you widen it though - it should maintain its 5x3 ratio.

All the best,


I am having a bit of a problem with the very very small characters as shown on the corkboard and in the synopsis area. If I widen the synopsis area the characters remain very small. It seems that I cannot make it a bigger char when working in them. Or is it just me having this problem.
Is there a need for these places to have these tiny chars? :frowning:

Otherwise…tnx again for a beautyfull update. :exclamation:

Hi Robert,

Do you have “Use small font” turned on for the corkboard? Look in the footer bar beneath the corkboard - on the right you should see a small icon that shows four cards. Click on it and you will get some options, one of which is to use a small font in index cards. (In fact, the small font should only be used on the corkboard, not in the inspector.)

If it’s still too small, check the settings in Edit > Options (although, being the Mac developer, I can’t remember offhand if the option to choose the corkboard font is there yet - I think it is though).

All the best,

You can choose the font for the corkboard in the windows version :slight_smile: My font settings for the index cards switched back to being too small after the update to 24, so I had to go back in and reset it the way I wanted it. That could be your problem.

Just downloaded Sciv’f’Win beta. If I break it, I won’t have t’ pay for it, will I? :open_mouth:
Just a small niggle…for now: can’t find the icon marked ‘Print off Worlwide Bestselling Bonkbusting Bodice Ripper Novel’ I know it’s a typically MollysMum question, but can somebody tell me where it is please? I expect it’ll be somewhere dead obvious. :blush:

As Scribe and Keith noted, just go to Edit>Options and under the Fonts section of the Appearance tab you can adjust the index card text and title sizes. This is listed under Corkboard but it will affect the index card appearance in the inspector as well.

Vic - That’s a paid option, sorry.

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Well pardon me, Mr Shapeshifter! If I have to go through all that hassle, what’s all these adverts popping up on t’internet about?

These three turkeys must be working for Scrivener Corp. or else you lot are writing them yourselves.

There was a fanfic generator that was absolutely hysterical.

Here we go:

I like how adjectives and adverbs form the core vocabulary, with nouns and verbs an afterthought. Brilliant.