New Update Corrupted File -- Cannot Open, CTD

Installed the new update, and immediately ran into a problem. One of my project files is corrupted and whenever I try to open, Scrivener crashes to desktop.

Other files WILL open, but gave me an error message saying they were already open and being worked on (which is patently impossible) and urged me to make a copy to continue. When I did I was able to access the other projects.

However… I now have a project I cannot access at all no matter what I try to do, which has included a complete uninstall, duplicating and renaming the file, etc. It simply will not open, and I get a CTD.

I would really, really like to hear that there’s a solution to this before I start throwing things because I’ve just lost 30K words or so of work.

In the name of all that is holy, HELP.

The first thing to try when a specific project crashes is to reset the display settings, as explained here: … y-settings

If that doesn’t help, open a support ticket, including a copy of the crash report. Be sure to let us know what version of Scrivener you have, and with which version of Mac OS.


I had the exact same problem as you, and thankfully the instructions Katherine posted a link to helped me solve the problem!

I have followed the instructions multiple times now. The crash happens repeatedly, with the variation that I can open the project, work on it, but when I save and quit and try to reopen, I CTD again, consistely. This was not happening with any previous version of the software, and I’ve been using Scrivener for over seven years. I have yet to receive any response to the repeated crash reports I have sent.

Please actually open a support ticket. The automatic crash reporter is not monitored as closely as the support queue.


A week ago, I had the same problem as described by the TS: all projects opened normally except one, which continued to crash on opening.

Resetting the interface manually, as suggested by Katherine, solved the problem. But today, the same problem with the same project. A new reset again solved the problem, for now. But I must confess this issue is making me nervous. In this project, with hundreds of documents, thousands of notes etc., there are ten or more years of hard work. Clearly 3.2.1 did not completely clear the sky. I sincerely do hope a new update will soon bring a definitive solution.

All known issues with Scrivener 3.2.1 are fixed in the test build linked here:

This build is the basis for Scrivener 3.2.2, which we expect to release shortly. So I’d recommend installing it if you are concerned.


Thanks, Katherine!