New Update Lost My Content

I just updated to the Scrivener, opened my file, and was told it could not be read without updating. I did. When I opened the project, all the chapter folders and files were there but the content in the files (my text) was empty. How do I remedy this?

If you extract a copy of the project from the backup Scrivener made when it updated the project, do you have two project files within the .scriv folder? The most likely explanation is that there were multiple project files here, often a result of a synchronisation glitch when storing a project on Dropbox or the like. In that case, removing the extraneous project files and re-updating the project to the new format should fix the issue.

(The name of the file might differ a bit, e.g. it could have “conflicted copy” or a date or use the project’s name, if you’ve been sharing with Mac. Following the 1.9 update, the project file will take the same name as the project folder, but in earlier versions it’s usually just “project”.)

Thank you, MM. You are my new best friend! I was able to get my content back after reading your post!

Happy to hear you recovered your project, ebethet! I think ToriE’s trouble turned out to be something else (and was resolved with a backup copy, if it’s the emailed tech support case I’m thinking of), so I’m glad this was still applicable for someone. :wink: