New upgrade has "child disease"

To be honest, it’s not worth to upgrade. I have both of them and I am extremely disappointed with newest one.

Let me start with registration process - any time you upgrade version 3, it spoils registration of version 2 and vice versa - Product activation required!!! It is extremely annoying behaviour. Whenever you register one of them, another one becomes dysfunctional and needs new registration. Isn’t it your duty Literatureandlatte guys to solve this problem firsthand when creating and uploading new upgrade!? Or do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing?

Second problem is performance of v 3. Using it is always a bit of “shaky”, scrolling is wobbling (I have pretty good laptop for video editing so computer performance should not be a problem) etc. Responsivness is overall pretty bad and gets worse with every upgrade.

Third one could be of course matter of personal taste - styles, creating and using preferences in new (clear and modern) interface is pretty much more complicated and with less options. Maybe it is kind of “child disease” and we all survive it, but maybe it shows some deep concern over how company manages their product.

I run both 2.8 and 3 and experienced zero of the complaints you make.

V3 is stable and fast.

I am running on the latest 15” MBP with close to top specs, however it worked equally well on my old late 2013 unit.

I totally recommend updating!

Note: no connection to L&L, just a happy customer.

The dual registration problem is a known issue, related to the registration framework used for Scrivener 2. To fix it, install Scrivener 2.9 and register it with your Scrivener 3 serial number. You can download Scrivener 2.9 here:

The most common cause of spotty performance is an overly aggressive autosave interval. The setting can be found in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> General -> Saving tab.

Feedback on Scrivener 3 has been that the new Compile and Styles features are easier for new users, but there definitely is a learning curve for users of Scrivener 2. If you haven’t already, you might want to look at our upgrade guide, here: … date-guide