New User Alert: Using Research

I am a very excited new user of Scrivener. I’ve had a chance to take the tutorial and read through many of the forums, but I wonder if I am allowed a very dumb question. I hope to use Scrivener for nonfiction, and I have many research files (mainly PDFs, but Word docs as well) that I would like to incorporate into a Scrivener project. Is there a limit as to how many research documents I might be able to incorporate into a single project? (And here comes the dumb question) How are these files stored in Scrivener? Are they just copies of the PDFs? If they are stored in a Scrivener file, do I delete my original PDFs?

Thanks. I’m excited to get started with the program. I can already tell it is going to be such a better writing experience than many of the other programs I have used in the past.


Basically, you’re just limited by the size of your disk. That said, if you are bringing in 500 or a thousand research documents, you might want to look at a research manager like DevonThink which is designed to handle such quantities rather than directly incorporating them into your Scrivener project.

Questions are only dumb if you insist on repeating the question repeatedly.


Precisely. When you drag a file into the research folder it is copied not moved.

Um, er, well, maybe. That is, on the other hand, you might, vice versa.

It’s mostly a matter of personal preference. When you drag them into the research folder you’re doing nothing different from copying a file from one disk to another. It’s a copy–nothing is done to the file. So, if you’re not, for example, placing that PDF in a Keynote presentation or integrating it into some other project, go ahead delete it from your Desktop or wherever after you’ve dropped it into Scrivener.


Thanks Dave. I appreciate it.