New user - chapter numbering

Under my “Manuscript” folder, I have a title page, dedication page, copyright page and a Prologue. These are separate text files. After that, each in its own folder, are the chapters to my book.

How do I tell Scrivener to start the chapter numbering at my first chapter (the first text within a folder)? At the moment, Scrivener is even calling the title page Chapter 1.

I have been looking for answers (and making a couple of changes) in Preferences but I now feel hopelessly confused.

Many tks in advance,

The Mac version allows you to designate a folder as Front Matter. Put all of your front matter pages into a single folder. Then, in the Compile -> Contents pane, click the Add Front Matter button at the bottom and select that folder.

Front matter is discussed in more detail in Section 23.5.3 of the manual.

Thank you for using Scrivener!