New User confused by fonts

I’ve been slogging with the demo for 2 days now but one thing I cannot seem to get my head around is how it uses fonts within the editor.

Reading other posts/Tweets, it’s suggested that changing the fonts in the options and then using Document->Convert->Formatting to Default Style should reset the fonts - but whilst it works in the Binder listing etc - it does NOT touch the editor font/document font.

If you have ‘empty’ text areas, they default to your new choice -but existing text remains in whatever you created it in (and for some reason, I’ve managed to create entries in 3 different fonts at 3 different sizes!!)

Any clues as to how to reset EVERYTHING would be appreciated.

That’s weird. The documents that don’t convert… do you explicitly select them, or do you just click on the containers of those documents? The reason I ask is it can be tricky to select all of the binder if parts of it are collapsed. Also, if you select other folders beside the Draft folder, they may contain files that can’t be converted (like image files, or PDF files), which might interfere.

Try selecting one of the documents you’re having trouble with, and do the conversion. Maybe that will do it for you?

I think you’re right that it’s just a matter of selecting everything before you do it…

To me, the ‘Documents’ menu would address ‘all documents’ but clearly it’s just ‘selected documents’ (it isn’t greyed if you select nothing - which would be a clue to that)!?

I also reset everything to defaults and then it worked better - so I can easily reset the things I’d like and try that again - thanks for the tip!