New user create caption and cross-references

Hi everyone. I am a new Scrivener user and I cannot find any previous posts (in my limited understanding) that answer my question. I am writing a thesis and my results section has a number of tables and figures. In Microsoft Word I can create a caption under the table or figure by clicking on Reference > Insert Caption > and then inserting a label. I can also Cross reference in my text to create a hyperlink to the caption (just the label and number). This is really handy because if I insert a figure or table earlier in the document, all of the figures and tables throughout my document will re-order themselves. I am not sure if there is also an option in Scrivener to do this or even how to do it. I would appreciate any help as I am a new user and don’t want to write my results section elsewhere.



Hi, and welcome to Scrivener and to the forums! I may be wrong about this (and if so I will be corrected swiftly!), since it’s not a feature that I’ve used, but I think you might check section 9.4 of the User Guide, on Scrivener links, esp. section 9.4.4. But as I write that, I realize that I haven’t yet updated to v. 1.9.6, and it’s possible that this area of the Help as been rewritten. At any rate, that Help section on Linking Documents Together would be a place to start.

Hi, DavidR.

Thanks for your reply it is much appreciated. However, the manual I am reading 1.9.5 for Windows does not help me at all with creating cross referenced links within the text. This feature in Scrivener will allow me to create an external link to document in the binder. It also does not download the entire content of the document either. However, Word allows me to create a cross referenced link within the same document that will manually update if I change the order or number of one table.