New user, first impressions

I bought Scrivener a few months ago and went through the tutorial, but yesterday was the first time I really dove into using it, which in my case meant importing a large work in progress I’ve had going for quite some time.

Getting the files into the right format was mostly easy, with one annoying exception. Apparently there is no good way to globally replace double carriage returns with single paragraph breaks. What I found particularly counterintuitive is that when compiling, there are key combinations that may be used to enter whitespace characters into a substitution string, but those don’t work in the regular find/replace dialogue.

On the whole, I’m finding Scrivener to be a much better platform than my old way, which was to edit in wordpad and maintain/refer to notes, mostly using Notepad. Scrivener has a lot of features that make the process easier and better organized. But as I go through the process of transitioning to it, I’m sometimes tripped up by how things work, and by features missing that I would expect to be present (the most glaring example being the aforementioned double line break problem).