New user / How export from Pages?

Hello, I have iMac Yosemite, Purchased Scrivener yesterday… How do I export files from Pages documents into Scrivener? I do not have MS Office for Mac… I don’t want to spend the money to buy it…
Thank you for any hints… bruhaa

Welcome bruhaa

No need to buy Office. :slight_smile:

Scrivener can import a Pages document as a reference file, but not as editable text. Assuming you want editable text, one of these options will work:

  1. You can copy from Pages (open file, CMD A, CMD C) and paste into a Scrivener document (CMD V).

  2. Open your Pages document and export a copy of it to Word format (think the export option is available from the File menu, but not sure right now as I don’t have my Mac with me). You don’t need Word to do this: Pages has everything you need. You can then drag the Word file into the Binder in Scrivener. The text will be editable for you to use as you want.

Hope this helps.

Briar Kit

Thanks Brian, I’ll try it later and see if I can battle through this… I’m in Fremont, CA btw… Bruce

Hi Bruce

You’ll easily win the battle :smiley:

Only ever managed to spend a day in SF. Must get to see more of the USA one day.


Briar (rather than Brian) :unamused: