New user....import issue?

Forgive me if this is simple, but I’m a brand new user and I’m just trying Scrivener (Windows) out. Right now I’m just playing with it to try to learn how to use it before I try using it “for real”.

I tried importing an a Word document. The entry in the project area shows it was imported, but when I pull it up in the view window, the left side of the text is chopped off and missing.

Additionally, there are images in that document that were not imported. Is that normal?
See screen shot:

I don’t have experience with importing complexly formatted Word documents into Scrivener. That said, I’ll offer some wild ass guesses and suggestions…

Experiment with which import converter Scrivener is using.
See Tools > Options > Import/Export > Import Converters.
For each format supported (DOC, DOCX, ODT), see and try the different converters available. In addition to Doc2Any and Scrivener, if you have Microsoft Word on your computer, Microsoft Office or such should also appear as an option… and I’d be inclined to try it.

Turn on the ruler bar, so can see and adjust margin/indent settings.
Format > Ruler.
Ditto for the format bar.
Format > Format Bar.

You may also want to turn on display of invisible characters.
Format > Options > Show Invisibles.

Retention of complex formatting of imported material likely is not one of Scrivener’s focuses. An alternate approach might be to use Microsoft Word or free LibreOffice or OpenOffice to save the Word document out in simpler plainer format (though this may result in the need to bring embedded images over manually. In Word, try saving out in simpler plainer format (rich text .RTF or, better yet, plain text .TXT). Then see how Scrivener does with that.

Hope that is of some assistance.