New user: Import Word doc and styles

Hello all!

I’m starting my first projects and seeking consistent set up for multiples. Windows 10. Version: I’m also looking for some best practices…

I’m wondering how the flow for import and export operates.I know this is not a designer but I do like to work with the design elements while writing and editing.

When I import text from Word 360 content there is a Body Style but not No Style which is highly suggested in the tutorials. I think this is for use by the compiler later; clean copy. Should I create the No Style and use that? Any

Is bold and italics always be stripped on import? Do I have to reapply to the documents all over? For the manuscript output the emphasis is important. Eeek.

How do I save a list style that includes the bullet? Right now I can make a list but the formatting doesn’t hold as a new style that includes the bullet. Only text and paragraph are styled but then I have to go back and apply the bullet again to the list style.

Is there a way to see what style is applied to any given paragraph?

And finally, I am actually not getting a global change when I update the style (redefine style) The paragraphs that have the style assigned are not automatically changing. I have to go back and reapply. (see related question - can I see what style is applied?) What’s up with that?! That is the reason for having styles.

Thanks for the help you can offer.

Scrivener 1.9 does not support styles. Styles in imported text will convert to rich text: formatting will be preserved, but the semantic assignment that allows you to change all text with a given style at once will not.

Scrivener 3 will support styles. You can download the Scrivener 3 public beta here:


Thank you!