New User Installation Help


I just purchased a license to Scrivener and I am looking forward to learning and using this excellent application. I have successfully installed the app; however, what should I do with the Extras folder on the install image? I have read the readme file and searched the forums for answers to this question but found none. Should I just ignore it? If so, why is it in the install folder? Thanks,


They are a collection of starter templates for various book formats, export settings (such as submission manuscript), and stageplay scripts. Even if you do think you’ll need any of them, they are useful from an informative standpoint, as far as getting ideas on how to best use Scrivener.

I thought they were mentioned in the Readme file, but I guess not.

Thanks AmberV. How do I install them? I checked for a Scrivener folder, but couldn’t find one.

Try downloading the new beta - 1.08 - from the Beta Testing forum. That provides an Extras installer rather than just a folder. (The readme file on the DMG should have explained how to install the folder, though, as AmberV said - did you look in the readme file?)


Thanks KB. I just installed the app and extras using the Beta.

Regarding the Readme of the official release: Yes, I did read it - it said nothing about the Extras folder. Here’s the text from the installation section of the Readme:


  1. To install Scrivener, just drag the Scrivener icon into the Applications folder on your hard disk.
  2. You can now Eject the disk image.

If you like, you can drag Scrivener from your Applications folder to the Dock to make it accessible without having to browse to the Applications folder.

Note that if you have ever used Scrivener Gold (an early, freeware version of Scrivener), it is strongly recommended that you delete it from your computer before installing Scrivener. If you don’t do this, the spotlight importer, services and new .scriv file icons may not work correctly (although Scrivener itself will work fine).

Also note that you will need to reboot your computer for Scrivener’s clippings services to appear in the Services menu, and you may need to log out and back in again for Scrivener documents (.scriv files) to be recognised by the system."

Notice, nothing about Extras. In fact, there is no mention of extras in the entire document.

The inclusion of an Extras installer in the beta is a great idea. Thanks! Now I’m off to Scrivener proficiency …