New User, Love It, Would Kill For Simplenote Syncing

Seriously. Love Scrivener. As a longtime Windows user, I will be jumping to mac as soon as financially possible but this isn’t going to be for a long time so the WinScriv new made me obscenely happy. Enjoying it so far but if it had the syncing it would be perfect.

At the moment my workflow is like this; I write in Simplenote on my iPad as it’s great just to write in. I them have a program on my laptop (ResophNotes I think) that takes my Simplenote files and exports them into a txt file which I can then drag into the relevant folder in Scrivener. That works, the only problem is syncing the other way as in what I write in Scrivener syncing back to Simplenote.

I may expertly with PlainText to see if that can give me any other options.

I look forward to carrying on with the betas and will be buying it when it is finally released but fingers crossed for syncing to be added sooner rather than later!