New user--many problems

I just started using Scrivener trial version for a large project (3000+ files) saved on Box. I have had lots of problems.

  1. Most important: when I open the program, the newest version does not open. The file structure in the binder is old. I can open a prior version of the project that reflects the new file structure, but the documents are all empty. I can find all my project files in the Files>Docs folder. How to get these back in sync? It appears the project.svrivx file is not syncing correctly. At times, Box gives me a message to that effect.

  2. I cannot backup to the hard drive. I have tried changing the settings on the folder but they appear to revert to read-only status. The program tries to backup when I exit it, but then freezes.

  3. Program seems to be freezing up all the time.