New user query re blank corkboard, please


I downloaded Scrivener last week and love it. However, this evening I obviously have clicked the wrong thing, and I can’t work out what I did. I have my chapter headings visible in the binder, one index card synopsis at a time visible in the top right hand corner, and the text of whichever chapter is highlighted visible between them. But when I click the corkboard, the corkboard is blank and no index cards appear (there should be about 20). I can’t get back the outliner view either, with all the chapter synopses on it as a list. I would be very grateful if someone could please tell me what I have done and how to get the corkboard view back properly. I promise to buy it when I’ve got it sorted out!

Thank you


Remember that every document is a corkboard, outliner, index card and document all in one. The corkboard and outliner buttons let you view the subdocuments of the current document. If the current document has no subdocuments, it will be blank. To me, it sounds as though you have a normal text document selected and are clicking the corkboard expecting to see the contents of the parent of the document you have open. Try clicking on a folder - e.g. the folder that contains the document you want to see on the corkboard.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

That was exactly it! Thank you very much. I knew it had to be very simple, but I had got myself totally confused.