New User Question

Is Scrivener designed for me to keep multiple projects (say, stories) in one Scrivener window since the topics in the binder are collapsable, or is it meant for one project per window? Thank you.

Both are possible. If by stories you mean short stories that you might jump back and forth between, by all means keep them in one project. If you mean longer works, I’d separate them into different projects.

I often write blog posts or letters in a text file in the research section, just because I enjoy writing in Scrivener.


For the user to decide.

For my own novels or ghost novels for other writers, I use a unique Scrivener project for each book.

For commercial clients, I create a unique Scrivener project for each client (per year), keeping all their work in the same project for the year.

Scrivener gives you the flexibility to work as you want.


Briar Kit

Thank you. I realize that longer stories would be separate projects, but I’m wondering about separate windows or separate files. Let’s say I wrote 5 books. Is Scrivener designed for all those books to be in one Scrivener window (but separate project–collapsable)? Or would you open a brand-new window for each book?

I think that what you are calling a new window, most users call a new project.

I think that what you are calling a separate project, most users call a folder in the binder.

For books, I create a separate project (window) for each book. I put the chapters in folders in the binder, with the contents of each chapter stored in a number of text files.

If you are writing a series, it might be useful to keep all the books in a single project for the sake of referencing the different books without opening up multiple projects at the same time.

Hope this helps.


Briar Kit

Perfect! Thank you, Briar.