New user questions: folders/files; endnotes

Is it worth getting an endnote manager?

  • Yes, get Endnote
  • Yes, but something other than Endnote
  • No
  • Don’t know
  • Other

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Dear L&L,

I recently bought your software and am quite pleased with it so far - and suspect that I will continue getting more pleased with it as I gradually figure things out.

Here are a couple of questions I’d appreciate some help with:

(1) On folders/files: Is there any point to grouping chapter titles by folder instead of files? Does a folder give more functionality than a file? The reason I ask this is that as far as I can see, the folder is redundant. If you don’t want there to be any text at the beginning of a main chapter, just leave the file blank; if you do want text, well, files give you that option, whereas folders don’t.

(2) On endnotes:

(a) Currently these are all grouped at the end of my document in the Endnotes file. Is there a way to keep it as it is, but (i) sort the endnotes by chapter and (i) restart the numbering at the beginning of each new chapter?

(b) Is it worth getting an endnote manager in general? The software I’m familiar with is Endnotes, but all my friends in academia seem to loathe it, so I am loth to getting it. For context I am working on a c.100,000 word non-fiction book with about 10 chapters and around 100 endnotes per chapter.

Thanks in advance.

And one more question:

(3) Is there a nicer theme for a non-fiction book than the hideous looking default that comes out in courier new?

Also compiling in e-book format seems to delete the sub-section headings…