new user questions

To Whom it May Concern at Scrivener:

Perhaps these concerns are simply because I am a new user and have not yet figured out how to properly configure my Scrivener or perform the proper function. Anyway, here are my questions/concerns:

  1. I cannot find a way to paste formatted text from Scrivener, say into wordpress to create a blog.

  2. I really would like a built in feature, similar to Word’s, that allows for a dark blue background with white text. I know that I can create this myself, but the trouble is that the cursor stays dark, so it is hard to see. In word, you can also set the text color to “automatic”, so it knows to correct the font color according to the color of the background, but will still print or paste elsewhere as the standard color.

  3. I cannot find a way to do standardized lists, numbering, or bulleting.

Thank you, and I will post more as I find them, because I really like Scrivener and want to use it full time, but until some of these issues are fixed, I will have to stick more with Word.


  1. As far as I know, Wordpress’ rich text editor is not capable of receiving formatted text on paste. That is probably something it has no control over, as the browser is the application accepting the input, and browsers strip formatting. You seem to intimate that the formatted text Word creates can be pasted in though, so maybe I’m wrong about that. Either way we don’t have much control over this. The finer details of how text is produced is handled by the OS. Word is completely different, they have written their own text engine from scratch.

A better route to take would be to to use Scrivener’s [b]Edit/Copy Special/Copy as HTML (Basic, using p and span)[/b]. That will produce the best formatted text for use in blogs. Just remember to switch Wordpress’ editor control over to HTML before doing so.

  1. You can change the cursor colour as well in the same place that you set up background and text colour, in the “Editor” section. Look for “Insertion Point”. Note that all of your settings here can be saved to a theme, using the “Manage…” button at the bottom of the preferences panel.

We don’t recommend setting the default text colour to white though, because as you note that changes the actual text formatting and while it is easy to fix that kind of problem when compiling, it does limit the usefulness of the text for copy and paste and such since it is literally white. If we could recolour text in a sensible fashion in the main editor we would.

You may want to check out the Composition mode for doing this kind of white-on-blue thing. You can override the text colour there without impacting its formatting.

  1. Just use the list drop-down button in the Formatting bar; it’s the one on the far right. Or you can use the Format menu to select a list type.

Wow, thank you so much for the quick and helpful reply. I will try out what you suggest over the next few days and tell you how it goes.

Following up on my first question, pasting from Word does keep most of the formatting. For example, it keeps hyperlinks, words in italic, and bulleted lists. I will try your suggestion for html mode though and see how that goes.

There is just one more question that I could think of for now. I have the full Mac keyboard (the plug in one with dedicated home, end, page up and page down keys, as well as a delete and backspace button). I compose a lot of text, so I use those all the time. They do not seem to function properly in Scrivener though, while they do in Word. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you again so much, and again please do not hear my questions as complaints; I really like the product, and I think with some tiny tinkering it can be my full time use word processing software.


Okay, then it sounds like Wordpress can indeed intercept formatted clipboards from the operating system through the browser, and it sounds like they have programmed their text entry widget to understand Word’s clipboard format. They would need to program it to understand basic Mac formatted text to make it work with Scrivener. There might even be a mod for that. Scrivener just uses the standard Mac text engine (like TextEdit). But like I said, if you can’t find a mod or a way to make it work, HTML is just as good. You can switch back to the preview mode if you prefer, after pasting.

You’d have to clarify specifically what you mean, but like I say, Scrivener uses the standard Mac text engine, which is what you use when typing Mail, TextEdit, Safari, iCal, and virtually every shareware program on the market. If Word uses the keyboard in a different fashion, I would suggest it is Word that is the deviant here. :slight_smile:

But you could be experiencing a specific bug, so I would suggest testing the various Apple provided software I described and seeing if they work similarly to Scrivener. If they do, you’ve just become accustomed to how Microsoft feels the Apple keyboard should be used, and it may take a little adjustment to get used to the Mac way. I don’t use Word for the Mac, but I do know that Microsoft on Windows has a different idea of how Home and End keys should be used, for sure. On a Mac, Home is equivalent to Cmd-UpArrow, not Cmd-LeftArrow, and is thus equivalent to Ctrl-Home on a PC. The ‘delete’ key on an Apple keyboard is more like backspace on a PC, and to forward delete one uses the ‘del’ key in the middle section above the arrow keys (or Fn-delete on a compact keyboard). I can’t think of any deviation in PgUp/PgDown, save perhaps in how much text is scrolled. Nearly every platform and even software has its own idea on whether PgUp/Down should flip the bottom line to the top of the display area, or somewhere in the middle. Hmm, that covers the few things I know are different between PCs and Macs—so if that’s what you’re talking about, it’s like I say, Word is just bring a little PC to the Mac whereas Scrivener is a pure-blooded Mac citizen.

Like I say, if Scrivener isn’t working like the rest of your native Mac software, then it could be a bug or tool conflict.

Not at all! Switching word processors can be a big transition in many ways small and large, from how the text scrolls to overarching philosophical differences in the presentation of text. I hope the transition works for you. Personally, and in my heavily biased opinion, I feel the cost of transition and learning is outweighed by the overall benefit that Scrivener provides as a writing platform. :slight_smile:

Ok, well everything seems to be working smoothly now. For my home and end issues, I used this: That allows me to change settings of how the keyboard is used easily, including setting the home and end to work like on a pc. The paste special option worked great. I was also able to change the cursor.

The one thing I haven’t had time to try yet is the composition mode to see about being able to change the font color without it affecting the way that it would be formatted for pasting elsewhere. Hopefully I will have time within the next week or so.

thanks again,

In the Compose preference pane you’ll find a settings browser like in the Appearance pane. In there, select “Text Color”, and check off “Override text color with color:”. This just uses a temporary override that does not impact the underlying formatting of the text.