New User - Really Confused About Images and Project Size

I have to apologize right off, because while I’ve been using Scrivener to create an unwieldy major project, I don’t think I knew enough about what I was doing and now I’m stuck. Instead of reading the manual and starting with a nice little text-based book to learn to use Scrivener, I made a massive book full of images and didn’t read any instructions. :blush:

So, the plan was to first important about 100 .rtf files into the Binder and that was all good. Those were transcriptions of handwritten letters that were scanned. Then I imported all of the scanned letters (.jpg) and put them in folders within the Research section. There were way more images than the number of text files since many of the handwritten letters were 3 or more pages long. I wanted to display the scanned images underneath each transcript so the reader could choose to read the transcript or the original handwritten letter or both. To do that, after importing all of the .jpgs into Research, I painstakingly dragged each image up into the appropriate text file.

When I went to compile it for Kindle, that’s where the big problems began. The project was already very slow to open in Scrivener and I’m assuming that’s because I have so many images files there and they are probably 6mb each. I finally did get it to compile, but the resulting file is over 250MB. Way too big!

I found a folder in my project file under Files>Docs and the images seem to be there with names like 50.jpg, 51.jpg and so on even though these are not the original image file names. I suppose Scrivener renamed them when they were imported. I thought perhaps I could batch compress all of them and maybe even change the dimensions. I don’t really understand the relationship between the image files showing in my project under Research, where they appear in my text files, and where they are physically located in the file structure. For example, the first image in the first text file is called “Letter 1” inside Scrivener, so how do I know which of the numbered files it is? Are the images in my text files just links to the actual images in the research folder? (That’s what I thought they were.)

This is embarrassing, but I know the book can’t be this large and I know people have published books under the 50MB Amazon limit even with lots of pictures. I’m just trying to figure out how to fix what I’ve done without going backwards. Can anyone help a newbie? :open_mouth:

Whatever you do, don’t start messing around with files inside your Scrivener project, i.e. don’t start doing stuff with the files in your .scriv folder.

If you need to compress images, you need to do that starting from the original images, the ones you later imported into Scrivener. Make copies, compress them and then re-import them.