New User Very Much Liking Scrivener for Windows Beta 3 (well, 2.9)

After a couple of days using the trial version of Scrivener 1.9, I downloaded the 2.9, which everyone calls version 3, and I am quite impressed with it.

The overall look and feel of the interface takes us away from 1.9’s 1990s software look, and I also like a couple of the new features / refinements (I am sure that I have not discovered all of them yet).

I know very little about software development in the writing field, but it seems obvious to me that in addition to Scrivener, Screenwriter 6 (formerly Movie Magic Screenwriter, and before that, ScriptThing), and Final Draft also need to be overhauled and updated in various ways.

Has crowd-funding been considered as a way of providing a push to get Scrivener’s Windows version to catch up to the Mac version (presuming that money is the problem)?

Personally, I would be happy to contribute financially to a crowd-funding or similar effort.

L&L has not indicated that money is a problem. Additionally, crowd-funding is no sure guarantee of speeding up program development – many times, simply hiring more developers and throwing them at your project does not in fact speed up your progress. In fact, it can often slow it down. It’s counter-intuitive, but it is a well-known principle of software development (there’s a great book called “The Mythical Man-Month” that delves into this if you want to know more.)

Thanks for this, devinganger.

Obviously, a judicious, not indiscriminate, use of any type of resource is the way to address any problem (I would think).

Thanks for the book reference - I just ordered the book from the library.