New User, what am I doing wrong?

Hello Everyone,

Forgive me if my question is too simple. I am having a hard time navigating my way through this.

I have written a novel consisting of a Prologue and twelve untitled chapters. I am trying to import the Prologue and 12 chapters and convert them to a manuscript or Ebook. No matter what I try, the program insists on calling the Prologue Chapter One. I simply want to import them in order and compile them (mainly as a test to work my way around this software.) I don’t want scene descriptions at this point, I only want to import it all and compile it. Also, I am having to convert everything into RTF format, even though it says .doc is supported, I get an "Error. Cannot convert.)

Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks for your help.


You could try the “Front Matter” feature. Create a folder outside of your manuscript folder called “Front Matter”. Place your prelude document there. Then in the compile window, in the Contents section near the bottom, check the “Add front matter” option and select your front matter folder in the drop-down list.

Have you gone through the tutorial?

Another way to accomplish it without moving your Prologue out of the draft folder is to the Formatting pane of the compile window to treat it differently. That requires more information about your draft folder structure, and a working knowledge of how the Formatting pane of the compile window affects the compiled output. If you can review that section of the tutorial, or chapter 23, section 8 of the manual, then you should be able to change compile to do what you want without using the Front Matter feature (which might not be the best fit for setting up your Prologue).

If after reviewing those settings, you’re still lost, feel free to post more specific questions. Useful info to accompany your compiling questions: Are your chapters set up as folders containing text documents indented under them, or some other structure. Also, is your prologue made up of one document, or more than one?