New User with Questions

Hi, currently using Windows Vista computer. (My college kids have the “newest computers”.)

Plan to initially use Scrivener on my Windows Vista computer - until I upgrade to Windows 8 - or a newer Windows version.


Will I be able to save the first part of my book, using my Windows Vista computer (using Scrivener) - onto a flash drive, and continue writing the same book (using the file saved on the flash drive), on a new computer?

Haven’t purchased Scrivener yet.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, you can save and load your project to and from a flash drive. And if you are the primary user on both computers you can use your scrivener license when you install on both computers.

Basically, Scrivener isn’t very mysterious about this kind of stuff. With the exception of its unusual format of using a folder to store everything in your project, using it is very much like using any program that loads, edits and saves documents. If you’ve ever brought a .doc or .pdf file over from one computer to the next, then you know exactly what you’re in for with Scrivener. It’s not like Evernote where you have this esoteric database type system that completely cuts you off from your folders and files. Each project in Scrivener is a thing you can copy around, organise wherever you want on your drive, zip up and send to an client via e-mail, or what have you.

I’d recommend going through the Project Management chapter in the user manual PDF, if all of this is unfamiliar.

Thanks AmberV and Daniela Wolfe for your replies!

Off to order/download Scrivener…


If you haven’t downloaded yet, there is a free demo you can try out for a bit to make sure it’s a fit.

I use Scrivener between my Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers all the time. Both work beautifully.