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I know scrivener from 1 hour and I use it from 20 mins. It looks very useful to me to write blogs to copy, when ready, to iWeb.
While copying my drafts on a scrivener document, I expected some behaviour that I did not meet:

  1. I wish I could put pictures on corkboard
  2. I wish I could open text in new windows
  3. I wish I could put web pages (research) on Draft corkboard

thank you

  1. when I do not write a synopsis I wish Scrivener to put the first lines of text automatically

Set Preferences under Navigation to show media files as photographs. That way, image files actually look like Polaroids on the corkboard. Though that should be set by default anyway.

You can’t. And this isn’t likely ever to happen, either.

Then you have misundersood what the Draft is for. The Draft is the text gets exported. Scrivener is all about generating text.

Try clicking on the three dots button above the index card in the inspector.

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Depending on what you need from the site, there is a way to get the contents of a web page easily into the Draft. Either select the preference to import web content as text, or select the existing WebArchive and (duplicate to back up the original, if desired) from the Documents menu, choose, “Convert Web Archive to Textâ€

Well done, but I think it should work only when synopis is empty. It is too easy to click the “three dots button” by mistake, and this action it is not undoable

Er, yeah it is.

It is indeed undoable, but you have to make sure the cursor is in the index card and not in the main text, as each block of main text has a different undo stack from the rest of the project, so that you can always go back and undo changes you made to the text of your documents even if the main undo stack has been cleared.