New version (, compilation problem

Back to Scrivener after 18 months away. I began by upgrading to (1918386) 64-bit. Then, I proceeded in writing a very short text (1500 words), then, using all the default options, compiling it.
Weirdly, some lines are missing.
I rework the text, export it to RTF, all is good, But compiling it, using different templates but always the default options, the last few lines are missing.
Anybody else with this problem?

You don’t mention which format you are compiling to when encountering the issue…

I know that compiling straight to print does that sometimes. I don’t use it. I compile to another format that works (RTF), then print.

Is “print” your problematic format ?

Yes, indeed. It was “Print”.

I’ve seen references to this problem on the Scrivener users Facebook page. This is a strange problem and it would be better to take out this feature (Compile To Print) or have some kind of warning. I was in a hurry to sent a text this week-end and saw the problem just before hitting the sent button. Not a nice feeling at all. It makes you wonder if you have to re-read all your work in another application.

I agree that the option should be removed for the time being.

When I first ran into the issue, I spent I don’t recall how much time messing around with my printer’s driver.
Unable to fix it, I finally resorted to compile to another format, then print from another app.
It is only after that, and a good couple days later, that I learned (or figured – I don’t remember) that the problem was with the compile option.
I sure would have preferred to know right off.

I am pretty certain the vast majority of people will like me think they either did something wrong, or that there is something off with their computer.
Most people won’t think it might be the format. And even then : “It sure can’t be the format, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the list.”

Not knowing if everything is there is kind of… terrifying! No way to be sure.