New Version Scrivener for Windows

Scrivener for Mac is developing dynamically and has a new interface. Will the new version for Windows? :question: And if so, when?

This question has been asked and answered multiple times on this forum (to the extent that it can be answered; no software company in their right mind gives a firm public due date for upgrades, since so much can happen in writing code). Please do a simple search for the earlier queries and responses. The basic answer is, they’re working hard on creating equivalent versions for Windows and Mac, and will get them to us as as quickly as they can.

The short version is that it’s coming. There is a WinScriv update to bring capabilities for the iOS Scrivener version. As well, 1.9 does have many of the MacScriv 2.x features. It has been mentioned by Keith (and a couple others) that the next version of both MacScriv and WinScriv will be 3.0, and this should bring feature parity to both programs. It might bring some UI enhancements as well, we don’t know yet.

As for a time frame, I think that with iOScriv releasing next week, we might start hearing more bits. But I wouldn’t hold my breath yet. At the very earliest, later this year. But I think L&L has learned that giving release dates is a bad idea. Since iOScriv is now, technically, 4 years late. Or was it more… I lost count.

From what I understand, with Scrivener for iOS having the release date set as July 20th by the app store, the Timeline to release incremental updates to the Desktop versions are to be done before this date. Scrivener for Mac update to v2.8 was released todayish, with an update for Windows version occurring sometime next week, before the iOS version is released. This way we update our desktops and are ready for interaction with the iOS app when it does release.

At the beginning of the last year, a businessman from Germany, who promised me(he was involved in the development of Scrivener), that the Mac and Windows version would match the same in this year.
Nothing happened.
Now there is a version for iOS – good for iOS-user.
Scrivener for Windows seems not important.
Should it really neccessary to search for another Windows alternative?
It seems, yes somewhere will be come.
What do Literatureandlattes say?
(Sorry for the bad english)

If Scrivener for Windows isn’t doing what you need it to do, regardless of whether it’s the same as the Mac version, then you should definitely look around for alternatives. Not sure why parity should matter. Still, WinScriv 1.x already has many of the features that didn’t reach Mac until 2.x. Also, the Windows version is being developed by a different team than the Mac version, so the iOS version doesn’t really divert any attention from Windows. (I’m basically paraphrasing answers to questions which have been asked and answered before on this forum.)

Short answer: the developers have said elsewhere in this forum that Windows will reach parity with the Mac version early next year. Keith has said that at this stage, Scrivener 3 for Mac will probably come out late this year, and Windows 3 will appear a few months later. It would be crazy to announce any firm dates, though, eh? You might know the iOS version arrived about 5 years later than intended, so what value would an intended date for Windows have?

This is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have also personally seen the WinScriv beta that forms the foundation for this release: it is definitely real.

No, I can’t comment on what features it includes (beyond iOS Scriv compatibility) or discuss timelines or features for further releases.


Many Windows users have iOS devices. Scrivener for Windows (of the appropriate version, a minor update to 1.9 that is coming) will work with Scrivener for iOS. iOS and Windows are not opposing projects – they are separate, complementary projects, worked on by different teams.