New window for Binder

I have a larger project, which requires a lot of shuffling. Locating places on binder is becoming difficult. Now, I know that by typing the first words of any document name the cursor will take me there. But I need something more, like a “open new binder window” or a quick ref panel featuring the binder. Two instances of the binder would increase productivity. This would be useful to work on collection plus binder at the same time. Maybe this feature is already available, I don’t know.

It’s not possible to open a second Binder window, but you can split the Editor (View -> Layout -> Split Horizontally/Vertically) and use one or both panes for Outliner views (View -> Outline).

You can add or subtract columns for the Outline view with the View -> Outliner Columns command, and you can drag documents within the view just like you can in the Binder. Even more useful for large projects, you can drag a document from one Outline pane to another.

You can also use an Outline view to show a Collection, as well as the main Binder.


Thanks for the ideas. How to view collection in the outline? I was able to reproduce the Drafts folder in the outline, but how to do the whole thing, as I have docs outside the Draft.

Bring up the Collection in the Binder pane, select all documents, and then select Outline view.


Now that’s nifty, thanks very much.