New Window?

I’m still evaluating Scrivener (like it so far) but can’t figure out if it’s possible to detach a portion of the interface into a new window? For example, I would like to re-read an older work, and have a scratch pad as well as character pages up in a different window so I can quickly switch between them w/o having to jump around. Is it possible?


Yup! Easiest way to do this is to select the character sheet (or what have you) in the binder and hit the spacebar. This loads the item in a QuickReference view, which is a mini-editor including it’s own compact inspector—or QuickLook, which it will use for unsupported (anything you can’t load in the editor, where it just comes up as a big icon) media types.

These float like the scratch pad, so they can be arranged around your working area without getting lost.

Specifically for prior versions though, have you checked out the Snapshot feature? Best way to rewrite a chapter is to take a snapshot of it and then edit right in the same file. The snapshot feature freezes the text when you take one, so you can later go back and view the changes that have been made with a handy “Compare” button, or even roll back edits to an older version if the current attempt ended up sour.

This is all done in the Inspector sidebar (the blue ‘i’ icon on the toolbar), within the Snapshots pane (small camera icon button at the bottom of the this pane).

Oh, beautiful… the spacebar trick is exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you! I figured as full-featured as it is there must be a way to do it… and there is.

Appreciate the info on the snapshot freezing… I’ll keep that in mind. This is a novel from NanoWriMo and I think I’ll want to rewrite from a blank page, but I want to read and take notes in a way that will help the rewrite (hopefully).

Thanks for the quick response–much appreciated.