New Writer- Need Guidance

I am not a writer (yet) and I want to start documenting my mother’s works of art, awards, etc. Is Scrivener a good platform for writing a book that will have a photo plus details about each photo? I am having trouble googling for information because I either don’t know the appropriate key words or I don’t know yet how to appropriately research. My first step has been to review her photo gallery and get names of each work of art, when it was completed, etc. and I am creating an Access Database (because I work daily with numbers/spreadsheets/databases at work). If I commit to Scrivener, is it easy to move the photo with the text? Does anyone have suggestions about homework I should be doing in advance of jumping into the writing? I don’t know if I will ever try to publish, my initial goal is to document all her works for family purposes. However, she is very talented and I think there is an audience for the end product, other than family. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to give guidance.

Only you can ultimately judge whether Scrivener is suitable for your purposes, and the best way to explore the software is to take up its free 30-day trial (details here). If you take up the trial it would be worth your while going through the Interactive Tutorial, and also looking up the topic “Images” in the Scrivener Manual - both of them to be found under the software’s Help menu. Scrivener’s prime roles - very far from being its only ones - are “getting the words right” and preparing your manuscript for export in any number of formats ready for printing, self-publishing, publishing professionally or further processing with another piece of software. It can deal with images (the Manual will help you with this - you can move a photo along with text very easily) but not with the sophistication of a traditional word processor or desktop publisher.