New Year New Question for New User

:smiley: I am about to try out the App with much anticipation. One question before I begin or as I begin the trial of Scrivener: I am looking to buy a MAC desktop alongside my laptop so with the purchase of the Scrivener App can I use the one purchase for both my laptop and desktop? I know there are instructions for transfer of work from one to the other, so if I buy it on my laptop will I be able to download the App on my desktop to-be? Thank you anyone who can answer this! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

jksoph2, welcome to the forum.

The answer to both your questions is yes. (See the text panel on this page of this website: To quote: “Scrivener comes with a generous ‘household’ license…”)

Assuming your laptop is a Mac, then Hugh is right.

Hello again, I am using the trial and the binder/left-side column I guess shows you what your organisational layout can look like and also puts information how-to’s in the notecards, long-hand pages. So is this how I start my new document? Delete the information and start inputting text? Kind of like filling in the blanks maybe just for the trial version?. Or is there another way to start a new draft creating everything in the binder from scratch? It is cool so far a little confusing with so many levels or organising possible but I am sure I will find it useful in the end :smiley: Anyone? Thanks for your replies in advance! 8)

My advice: Go to Help->Interactive Tutorial. This will create a project that you read and act upon to learn Scrivener’s major features. You can close it and reopen it where you left off (just like any other project), so you can learn in bite-sized chunks if you like.

This will explain to you how to create documents in the binder (the left column), and introduce you to all the tools in the Scrivener toolbox, with some suggestions on how to make use of those tools, though that’s entirely up to you.

Thank you thank you will give it a try! Hoping it doesn’t get too confusing with all the options and levels of organising, which has stopped me from using other programs… looking to support writing freely following the voice within…the essentials :slight_smile: