Newbie can't find "Use Preferences Page Size"

Hi all,

I’m going through the tutorial… here’s the bit stumping me:

– select “Use Preferences Page Size” from the View > Page View menu and choose the size of the pages you’d like to work with on screen in the “Editor” pane of the Preferences (under the “Wrap to Page Mode” section). Choosing “Use Printed Size” will use the current print settings as the basis of the page size.

When I go View --> Page View, I find only Use or Hide Page View, and a choice for two pages in the view. Nothing else.

I’ve searched around, checked Scrivener Preferences (found custom page setup, but not this), and also did a cursory forum search.

Thanks very much in advance if you can point me in the right direction.


5String (Barnet Malin)

Ah, this is a little faux pas on our part. :wink: The Preference Page Size option was removed in 2.5, but there are still a few lingering traces, in the manual and in the preference pane. Ultimately though it was rarely used and just added unnecessary complexity (and confusion) to the page view options.

There are two ways you can determine the page settings for page view: print settings or compile settings. Both of these are unique to a project, but you can easily save a compile preset with the paper size you want and just load it from any project (or even create a project template with the settings you want, for future projects).

To set the printed page size, i.e. what is used if you’re just printing straight from the editor, go to File > Page Setup… and choose “Page Attributes” in the settings menu, then select the paper size. Select “Scrivener” from the settings menu to set the margins.

To set the page size for compiled documents, open File > Compile and in the All Options view select Page Settings. Deselect “Use project Page Setup settings” (that would use the project’s settings from File > Page Setup) and then set your custom margins and click the “Page Setup” button there to set the compile paper size.