Newbie: change font + export style

After only using Scrivener for 10 days I am really excited about the possibilities it creates for my academic research and writing. However, there are 2 problems that I cannot seem to solve with the tutorial and the help-function, and before I buy it, I want to make sure they can be solved.These are my questions (at the moment):

  1. I like to work in the Times New Roman font, but I somehow don’t seem to manage to change the font of the research cards (after I imported some texts), or, if I do, new cards will still be in Optima. I can’t seem to find the place to change the standard font so that all text is TNR. Also, text will be of varying sizes, and text size changes with copy-paste actions (copying text from within footnote brackets to some place else, for example).
  2. Is it true that you cannot customize the toolbar to include font info (font, size, etc)?
  3. How can I save the settings/style in which I want the document to be exported? It takes me so much time to change these settings each time.
  4. How can I change the style in which I want the footnote text in the draft to be exported? My footnotes now are 12pts, they need to be 10pt.

Thank you!


Thanks for trying Scrivener. Answers inline below.

I’m a little confused as to whether you want to change the font for the text or the index cards - which are entirely different things (the index cards are for holding synopses, although when you import documents the synopses get pre-filled with the first few lines of imported text) - although you can do both.

To change the font for cards, go to the preferences (available from the Scrivener menu) and change the index card fonts under “Fonts & Colors”.

To change the font and formatting used for new documents you create in Scrivener, change the “Default Main Text Attributes” in the “Text Editor” section of the preferences. (Be sure to hit “Apply” or “OK”.) This has no effect over existing documents, as there are many situations where you wouldn’t want a single change in your preferences to destroy formatting you have carefully set up in existing documents. However, if you have existing documents in the project that you wish to change to use the formatting of the new default style, just select them in the binder and use the Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style menu item.

You can show the ruler (cmd-R) to view bold, italics and underlines, and you use the font panel (cmd-T) to change the font settings, but you are right that you cannot currently view the font size and so forth in the toolbar. A Pages-style format ribbon that does just this is coming in version 2.0, though, out next month (which is a free update to those who bought on or after 1st August, so you would get it free - see the blog for more details.)

You should only have to set it up once for each project, but if you want to save the settings for use between projects, use the “Save…” button in the Compile Draft sheet.

There’s currently no way of changing the footnote style via Compile Draft - it either uses the same style as the rest of the text (if you have “Override formatting” selected in the Formatting pane of the Compile sheet) or whatever format you used for the footnotes when editing (if “Override formatting” is not turned on). However, you can provide a separate font for footnotes (for both editing and export) in version 2.0.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Dear Keith, thank you so much for your explanation. I have been able to change all the settings the way I wanted to. The 2.0 version sounds good!
Question: would it be a problem if I purchased Scrivener say a week after my trial runs out? Will I still be able to access the work I did in Scrivener?

thanks again, all the best!

That won’t be a problem. The projects are just files on your system, so nothing will happen to them in the meantime, and as soon as you plug in the serial number your copy will have the time restriction removed, allowing you to open the application again.

Thanks Amber, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem, but then again, you want to make sure about these things! 8)