Newbie, Curly Quotes Disappeared ...?

Hi, my names’ Bill and I’m a newbie to the forum.

I started a document using Times New Roman in Scrivener (2.3.1, Mac OsX Lion) and selected the curly quotes option in Preferences, and for about half of the document, the quotes were, indeed, “curly.”

In the middle of the doc so far, I inserted some Helvetica text that had non-curly quotes.

Now, regardless of what I try to do, the quotes are all straight even following the insertion in the original TNR font.

Is there something else I can try?

It doesn’t “hurt” the text, but maybe I’m a bit OCD and it just bugs the heck out of me.

Thanks -
Ps. Sorry about the bad typos; nerve damage in my left hand.

Can no one can help me out?

There’s a menu item that would sort this out. Try Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes.

It’s possible your smart quotes got switched off, so I would check preferences to see what the setting is.


Thank you very much. By my highlighting of all of the document and using your suggestion, the “problem” was fixed. Just learning this program, and I tired quickly of the long, detailed manual!


The manual is not something one normally peruses, so much as one searches it for relevant passages. I did a search for “curly quotes” and landed on page 257 under the section on Convert in the “Format Menu” section of the manual:

… Which is not to say you can’t just come here and get your issues addressed; nobody’s going to blame you for doing that. :wink: I just wanted to point out that a read-through of the manual is not something most anyone expects. It’s a gargantuan document, which I dip into when I want to learn about some feature in-depth (like the compile feature, for instance), but I’ve never managed to read more than one or two sub-sections before I was ready to just go back to writing. There is a “Quick Tour” chapter you might look at though.

Check out the Interactive tutorial for a good survey of Scrivener’s abilities; it’s much less daunting, and encourages you to actually do stuff with Scrivener as you go along.