NEWBIE - Export Options

I recognise that Scrivener is not a document formatting program, but is there a way of compiling text in a way that the bullets used in scrivener are treated by bullets in word?

I am able to compile a daft exactly how I want it, but I then have to go through it in word and manaualy change all the bulleted sections using a word style. This is tedious.

I am really beginning to like this program however, and paid for it today.



I myself instead of using a “bulleted” format just insert a bullet (OPTION+8) like this •
• Today
• Yesterday
• Tomorrow

That way I don;t have to worry about it when exporting.

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Unfortunately, Scrivener uses Apple’s built-in OS X text system for exporting to Word and RTF, and there is a bug in their exporter whereby bullets and lists to not get exported properly.

However, with a point in the right direction from the ever-kind and helpful Martin at Nisus, I have managed to fix up the export of RTF lists for the next update, so basic bulleted and numbered lists should export okay (more complicated lists with many different sub-levels may still have problems though).

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