newbie - for PhD thesis - references and quotations

Hi to everybody! I love Scrivener, and I’m using Scrivener from several years, to write articles, a book, and now my PhD thesis. Now the time is up to review all the materials and make the final draft of the book and the thesis… But I have the problem of the references:

  1. how can I put for example the URLS from the internet in my document (if I saved them or in reference pad, or as “research” folder (in binder)? How can I see them in the compiled draft mode, to send them to the publisher, that will decide if putting them as footnotes or endnotes? If I had to use the “footnote” functionality of Scrivener, what about the reference panel and the research folder in binder?

  2. what software may I use for bibliography? And how it really works with Scrivener? I need a tutorial, because I tried and tried with bookends but I cannot find the way to make them work together…

Many thanks,


As for 2, the basic procedure with Bookends is:

  1. Put your references in Bookends.
  2. Copy these with CMD Y into your footnotes in Scrivener.
    At this stage they are not yet formatted as you want them. These will be formatted later.
  3. When you are ready to export, export to Word Processor.
  4. When in the Word Processor, “scan” the document, having previously chosen the format you need.
  5. Admire your formatted references.

At some point in this process, when the shape is nearing completion, you’ll shift away from Scrivener, and continuing polishing in the word processor. But at that stage your footnotes and references will already be in their places, ready for expansion, modification, deletion and so on.

The above procedure varies a bit depending on what word processor you use. If you haven’t already chosen, it is worth knowing that Mellel while difficult to figure out in the beginning is incapable (apparently) of crashing, so that’s nice. In any case, the basic procedure is the one outlined above.

As for question 1, I think you might consider putting your URL references into Bookends and dealing with them in the same way.

Probably the question of what a publisher wants in a later matter. But if you place them all as footnotes or endnotes, you’ll be able to change from one to another very easily at that stage. But at that stage you won’t be in Scrivener any more, but in your word processor.

Scrivener, after all, is designed not for producing final versions for submission. It is a drafting tool, most helpful in the earlier stages, less flexible and powerful in the later.