Newbie gets weird brackets in compile. Help?

Something weird is happening when I format as Standard Manuscript and compile to rtf.

The resulting .rtf Word document has brackets around the chapter headers, like this:

Chapter Name

Chapter Name

Also… it’s putting the same bracket around the first paragraph of body text in chapter one, like this:

[She yada-yada- yada, and so on and so forth for the first paragraph.]

It’s only the first paragraph of the first chapter. The first graph of the second chapter is fine.

Any ideas? Thanks!

These are fine, they won’t actually print. It is a setting you have enabled in Word that shows you were bookmark targets exist. If you create a reference in your text pointing to a chapter (such a table of content), that is what it uses to get the reader to the right spot when they click.

Thank you for the information. Didn’t know that. So… an editor has asked me to send her a Word doc with the first 3,000 words. I understand they won’t print out, but it looks odd in the Word doc. Do you know of a way to turn that off in Word 2013?

Sorry, if this questions is beyond the scope of Scrivenerville! I’m still working my way through how it all works.


Seeing as how this is a Word feature that you toggle on and off, kind of like how you can toggle whether paragraph markings are visible, if you turn them off on your computer it won’t change anything about your editor’s. The document itself doesn’t have brackets, is what I mean to say, that’s just how Word visually displays them when the setting is on.

In my copy of Word, 2010 for PC, there is a “Show bookmarks” toggle in advanced options. I’m not much of an expert though, I don’t know where it will be in other versions, I just poked around to find that.

Okay. Thank you very much! I’ll look at doing that…