Newbie Has Some Questions

Hi guys! So I haven’t actually installed Scrivener - YET - but I heard and read a lot about it and have been thinking about installing it for past few days.
Though I have one question. Does Scrivener has some kind of feature that shows synonyms of words? I have been MS Office user for as long as I remember myself and it was a little bit exhausting to go from MS Word to my browser to search for a word’s synonym in a thesaurus, reworder, or synonym, and then go back to Word, and back to browser, and so on. It will be much easier for me to keep all the work in one place.
Also, I’m not sure if I’ve created this thread in a right place or should it be moved?
P.S.: “I’ve found a lot of tutorials on this forum but is there any kind of an instruction?”
P.P.S.: “I’m new here, so nice to meet you all!” :smiley:

The Windows version has a “writing tools” contextual menu that looks up words using your default web browser. Just right-click on the word and then select one of a few thesaurus links. Getting back to Scrivener is just an alt-tab away.

As for the correct forum, Scrivener isn’t software by other “folk”. This is the forum by the “folk” who create it. Typically, “Technical Support” under Scrivener for Windows would be where you post questions.

Also, try downloading the free trial; you’ll have 30 (potentially non-consecutive) days of use to test it out, including having access to the “interactive tutorial”, which will give you a tour of its main features.

Hi Anthony,

You can also right-click on the word for which you’d like some synonyms and go to Related Words on the pop-up menu.