Newbie here with question...

I’ve looked in the tutorial and searched the forum, but I just can’t find this:

How do you delete or rename a project?

I figure you can do this from the saved folder, but I’m afraid of corrupting the overriding database this way.

Thanks for your patience!

Everything associated with the project is contained within the .scriv file.
You can delete, rename, or move this file just as you would with any other file.


You answer clears this up.

Thanks again. I gather that you are the developer. Please allow me to thank you for this delightful solution!

Nope, just another user.

Keith is the developer (forum username KB).

Double error. I just realized that not only did I attribute to the wrong person, but my answer sounded like a sarcastic reply to the answer you gave me! I meant to compliment Scrivener itself. :blush:

So…thank you, Matt, for the help, and thank you, Keith, for Scrivener. I hope I haven’t been kicked off the forum on my first post?! :unamused:

That’s alright, I interpreted your praise as being directed towards the program rather than my answer anyway.

And don’t worry, it will take you much more that that to get kicked off.
They still let vic-k post, after all :slight_smile:


PS - Sorry vic, couldn’t resist…

PPS - federico, if you have no idea what I’m referring to, vic is a regular visitor to these forums with a penchant for calling other members his “floozies”.

That’s it, your out. :slight_smile: Just kidding. Thanks for the compliments on Scrivener.

I think what you were probably looking for was a “Save As” command, but there is none in Scrivener simply because the package format of the .scriv file (you can ctrl-click on a .scriv file in the Finder and choose “Show Package Contents”) means that Scrivener is using underlying files within that package on a live basis. Doing a “Save As” would confuse all of that.

Matt answered the rest - thanks Matt.

All the best,

federico, mon ami,
Allow me, on behalf of my much maligned and misunderstood friend, Vic, to welcome you to the weird and wonderful world of Le Scrivenerati, well, Im not too sure about the wonderful bit, but its definitely weird!!! But what else can you expect from a forum full of writers + 1 ex-welder.

Bonne chance et salut

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I do thank all of you for your warm welcome. This could prove to be an interesting forum to follow!