Newbie: How do I share a folder on Dropbox for both Windows and Mac versions please?

I initially installed Scrivener on my Windows laptop but would like to be able to work on my research/documents on my iMac desktop too, so tonight I installed Scrivener on my iMac.

I have created a new folder in my Dropbox to which I have saved my .scriv file from my Windows laptop, on opening with the iMac it says that the Windows version is older software and that the .scriv file needs to be updated to in order to open on Mac. I clicked ‘OK’… now, on saving, the .scriv file no longer opens on the Windows laptop and yet if I click the ‘Check for Updates’ it states I am running the latest version of Scrivener on Windows.

What am I doing wrong?

Please be gentle with me as I’m very new to all this.

Thank you,


You’re not doing anything wrong, per-se… you’re just using two different versions of software. The current Windows version is using an older file format, whereas Mac is using the most recent. The Mac version is compatible with the Beta for Windows version 3, which will hopefully be out in another month or two (but that’s been said many times before so, don’t hold your breath).

You have two options:

  1. Install the Windows beta, which requires you to re-download every time the expiration date comes around (this can be annoying for those just trying to write, who aren’t committed to the “beta tester” role).

2: If your mac is of the older variety, running an older OS (macOS 10.12 “Sierra" or earlier), install the legacy version 2.9 ( … s?os=macOS) for Mac, which is compatible with the Windows version, until the time when version 3 for Windows comes out, and you’re ready to upgrade.

  1. (Yeah, I know I said 2, but this is barely tolerable): Use the Mac version’s ability to export your project to a version 2 compatible format, saving that to Dropbox and editing it from your Windows computer. Then letting the Mac version convert that back to version 3 to work on your Mac.