Newbie in text citation Scriv-Endnote help

Hi, I’m trying to update my in text citations, I’ve written them like this in Scriv {Vygotsky, 1978 #520@29}
but then I update the rtf file in Word, and click EndNote, update citations and the citation formats like this
(Vygotsky 1978:2929)
the page number cited is repeated twice (otherwise all correct)

I am stumped as to what I’m doing wrong. Any help so appreciated :slight_smile:

What is the citation format you have selected in Endnote? First thing I would do is open the edit pane for that format and check the specification there for inline references — because this looks like an error in the template specification for inline references. You could check if it is the format’s fault by running the rtf through with a diff citation format to see if the problem goes away.


p.s. That is not how I specify page numbers in my temporary citations. Didn’t even know @ was a thing for that. I’m going to have to check that out!

That is how it is also done in Bookends, but without duplication.