Newbie: Inclusion of non-text in draft?

Apologies if I’ve failed to find a post that answered my question, but a quick search didn’t come up with anything.

I’m a new Scrivener user/test, and I really like the text/index card organization BUT I haven’t been able to figure out how to include pictures, whether 1-page pdfs or pngs or…
I can drag image files into the Research area. But I want to be able to include such things in my output. I don’t care whether my Scrivener text includes the original image or a link to the image.

An example would be something like this:
Run, Jane, Run. Jane saw Spot. Spot had spots.

Spot ran fast. Jane ran fast. Spot ran faster.
Which, when compiled, would produce a document in which the link was actually a picture.

Can I do this in Scrivener? It’s not strict text, but it also doesn’t require editing of non-text. If not, then please consider this a feature request! (and anybody who has ever written a thesis in Scrivener and needed to include pictures, what did you do??)


Edit Menu/Paste…




I suspect what you’re trying to do is drag the image files into the Draft section of the Binder, which won’t work - only the Research section will accept non-text files directly.

However, you can drag images and PDFs (or, as Dave says, copy and paste them) into the body of a text document, no matter where that document resides in the Binder - because Scrivener is based around RTF, any document you create can contain images in the body.

It worked!