Newbie learning how to write non-fiction.

When I type in the scene file it shows up in the Chapter file and vice-versa. Is the program working correctly? Do you just type each scene and it automatically becomes part of the chapter.
I would imagine then when I add a new chapter folder I have to add several scene folders to it.

You can do what you want in terms of files/folders and build a structure that works for you.

I use a folder for a chapter (the folder name becomes the chapter title when compiled at the end of the writing process), and files for each scene. (You can right click a file/folder and convert it as you want … at least you can on a Mac. I assume this is the same on Windows.)

[attachment=1]zz 2013-01-25 at 12.45.26.png[/attachment]

So in the image above, the folder is the chapter title (it will be given a better title before publication in this case) and the files are all separate scenes.

Whether you see folders/files together usually depends on whether you have told Scrivener to show individual documents or to group them together.

[attachment=0]zz 2013-01-25 at 12.46.18.png[/attachment]

The left most icon in the screen-grab above toggles to tell Scrivener whether documents should be viewed individually or as a group. By the sound of it, you have them grouped.

Hope this helps … possible that I might have misunderstood your question.

The videos at are very useful.

Best wishes and good luck


Your set up looks more like the tutorial. I used the template for the nonfiction for the automatic formatting of the manuscript but I may change back to using the tutorial format like you have. I can always format it later when I compile it.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help.