Newbie needs help with font lightness in compile

Hi… trying to figure out Scrivener. Lots to learn… I did a little “test” compile of what I’ve written so far. About 67 pages.

In the compile menu I chose Format As: Standard Manuscript Format. And I chose Compile For: PDF.

The font on the PDF seems really light. Not the crisp dark I would expect. If I Format as “Original,” the font is much darker and easier to read. I’m using Courier 13 pt. in the Editor to write, and that’s what it’s printing in my test print formatted as Original.

Is there a setting I should change to fix fonts that are light when printing a manuscript to PDF? I’m on Windows 7.

Thanks for any help.


I believe the standard manuscript format uses Courier New, which is indeed quite a bit lighter than Courier. It’s not really anything you can do much about other than doing what you’ve already done: change the font. When you selected Original all that did was tell the software to pass the formatting in your editor through to the final result, instead of cleaning it up and converting it to the settings that can be applied in the Formatting compile pane.

So, if you would like to make use of the capacity, but also use the heavier Courier version, the Formatting pane is where you would make this change. It’s a bit of a heavy-duty tool, if you haven’t played with it before, the compiling step in the interactive tutorial goes through a few exercises that demonstrate how to use it.

Thanks so much for the reply and insight. I’ll explore that…