Newbie needs to make links

In the hundreds of pages of text I’m dealing with I’d like to find every occurrence of certain words.
So for instance, I’d like to do a search for “dogs” and put a link to each instance in another document called, Dog links. I’d like to illustrate something of the context, as well. along with each link.
But I can’t figure out how to do it. So, like f’rinstance, Page 36 includes text that says, “Among the other fauna in the back yard were two skinny dogs.” The links page would show a link, with maybe “fauna-dogs” and when I click on that, it would take me to the selection on page 36. Then, f’rinstance, on Page 384, it might say, “She’s allergic to dogs.” And I’d have a links on the links page that says, “allergic-dogs” and when I click on it it would take me to page 384.
Is there a way to do this?

Hmm, the easiest way to do that would be, I think, like this.

  1. Open the document you wish to create the links in
  2. Lock the window (Cmd-Opt-L); the header bar will turn mauve
  3. Do a project search (in the toolbar) for “dogs”; the binder should be replaced with all of the documents that match this phrase
  4. Select all of the documents in the search results
  5. Click and drag the documents into the locked document

You should get a list of links. The document can now be unlocked. We locked it because when you click on search results it automatically shows the document you click on. Locking the editor prohibits that from happening.

Once you have the list, you can edit around these links as per normal, putting in your illustrations and text.

Unfortunately, Scrivener links are document based, not location based. They will not automatically jump to a specific spot within the document itself. You’ll have to use Cmd-F to do a more fine grained search once you are there.

You’ll have to keep this list maintained manually, but if you wish to provide contextual information around the links, that is the best option available. There are also saved searches, which act a bit like smart folders. When you perform a project search, click on the magnifying glass and select the bottom option in that menu. This will create a special Binder item you can double-click on to reload the search whenever you please. Since it is search based, you’ll never have to manually update it, but it is just a search result list, you cannot annotate it too much.

Thanks a bunch. So I suppose if the links are document based rather than location based then I have to create a whole bunch of documents… I can do that

And with that thought you are well on your way to “getting” Scrivener. One of the best things about this application is that with Edit Scrivenings and Compile, you can feel free to chop up your book as much as you like. Some go all the way down to the paragraph level for tricky sections (I remember one person was using Scrivener for qualitative analysis and had things down to one document per sentence!). It doesn’t matter at all to the application, since in the end it will take the whole draft and sew it up together like a single document. Small bits make searches more relevant, as well as notes, labels, and keywords.

Thanks so much. I’ve done it and it’s great!