Newbie: Project Variables

I’m using Scrivener for Windows since 0.1.9. Now I tried one of those templates and found that there are some entries on the title page that look like variables.
Here’s my question about that: Are these variables? And if, how do I fill them and can I use them somewhere else in the project?
Maybe this question was answered in another thread but I searched for an answer and didn’t find any.

Thanks in advance

Hi Stefan,

I think this thread should answer the questions:

Basically the templates have just been ported from the Mac version, where the variables are automatically filled out when you create a project from the template; at the moment, there’s nothing in the Windows beta that responds to these, so you see the placeholder tags when you open a template project. At some point the Windows version will have a way of letting you provide the information to automatically fill these, but in the meanwhile you can just replace the text with the appropriate information.

Welcome to Scrivener!

I see.
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: