Newbie Q: Speak to me of formatting...

Trying again -

How do I increase font size without breaking the text into crazy formatting? This keeps happening regardless of whether I paste or import from a saved txt/rtf.


You might have to be a little more specific about what “crazy formatting” means, but you can increase the text size of selected text in the editor using Format > Font > Bigger (Ctrl+>) or just by selecting the specific size you want from the drop-down menu in the Format Bar or in Format > Font > Show Fonts. You can also increase the editor zoom, rather than changing the text size, using the pop-up in the left of the editor footer or View > Zoom > Zoom In (Ctrl+=).

To change your default font size in the editor, go to the Editor tab of Tools > Options… and click the blue A button on the left of the format bar to open the font options, then set the font size there. Click OK to apply the changes and close the Options. Your new defaults will apply to all new documents you create (in any project); to change existing documents to match, select them in the binder (Ctrl- or Shift-click to select multiple) and then choose Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. In most cases, imported documents will retain their original formatting, so you can use this command to change them to your Scrivener defaults. Pasted text will also retain its formatting unless you use Paste and Match Style to paste as plain-text.

Jen, thanks. I’ll give it all a try!