Newbie Q: Specifying XSLTs

Hi all,
I’m new to the world of Scrivener and MultiMarkdown and have a rather basic question for which I can’t seem to find an answer. I am trying to compile a draft in Scrivener using MMD -> LaTeX. In general the process works successfully, but for whatever reason Scrivener and MMD seem to default to the Memoir class even when I specify the use of a different XSLT. I have installed MultiMarkdown in my /library/application support and /user/library/application support folders, and I’ve even updated the installation of MMD inside the Scrivener package. To specify a different XSLT, I am going to File -> MultiMarkdown settings and entering “article.xslt” under the “XSLT File” metadata category. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

“XSLT File” is a deprecated metadata key. You now use “LaTeX XSLT”, “RTF XSLT”, or “XHTML XSLT”. This is in the documentation included in MMD, and I have updated the documentation on the web site as well.


I’m having a problem with this as well.

Scrivener 1.11
MMD: Latest (Where do I find the version?)

When I try to use the LaTex XSLT key and a value “latex-snippet.xslt”, I get the following error prompt when I “Compile Draft” with export format MultiMarkdown -> LaTex:

“Error Parsing MultiMarkdown File”

warning: failed to load external entity “.xslt”
unable to parse .xslt

I have tried this with other valid XSLT files such as science.xslt and memoir.xslt. I have not modified any of these default out of the box files.

I have checked to make sure that MultiMarkdown is properly installed in both ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MultiMarkdown and within the Scrivener Application.

another note that might guide troubleshooting:

  • I just recently installed MMD separately. Previously I was using this with the default MMD installation in Scrivener.

FYI, the MMD version is 2.0b4 (according to PDF in install directory)

I discovered that this problem was addressed in another post:


Hi Fletcher,

I’ve just downloaded the MultiMarkdown Sample Document from … _Scrivener and noticed that the actual Scrivener project file still contains the outdated ‘XSLT File’ in the File -> MultiMarkdown settings. This caused some confusion on my side, perhaps you can change it there too?

Once I changed the name of the metadata key, everything worked as expected, so thank you very much for the provided documentation!



I’m having a similar problem here and none of the already posted material helped me out (though it was helpful :slight_smile:

I created my own, very simple XSLT file called “troped.xslt” based on the memoir class (package…whatever) and saved that xslt file into the Scrivener package contents (Package > MacOS > MultiMarkdown > XSLT). Then I went into my Scrivener project’s MultiMarkdown settings and entered a new Meta-data tag ‘LaTeX XSLT’ with the value ‘troped.xslt’ I compiled the file and ran the LaTeX and nada. I get the formatting from the usual old article.xslt.

You’re doing something wrong - if MMD can’t find the specified XSLT file, it gives an error. If it does find it, it will use the specified file. I suspect you didn’t specify the metadata properly like you thought you did.

If you can’t get it working, export as MMD text, and look at the top of the file to make sure the output matches what you expect.