Newbie query about Scrivener

I’ve just started taking my first tentative steps with the trial version of Scrivener. Whilst working through the Interactive Tutorial I was trying out the different Footer View/Format examples in Step 3 as advised. But whilst attempting to revert a block of text which had been changed to upper case during the example back to small case I accidentally deleted the whole paragraph.

In order to retrieve the missing text I’ve tried downloading Scrivener again. But each time I do I find I still have the original program with the block of text still missing.

Is there any other way that I can restore the program back to its orginal state?


Yes David there is.

Open Scrivener.

If the new project window opens click on Getting Started > Interactive Tutorial > Open (button on right hand side.

If Scrivener opens an existing project go to Help > Interactive Tutorial.

You will be prompted to save a new tutorial file and you can start the tutorial again.

Hope this helps!

Hi David,

You’ll need to delete the Tutorial project you created first in order to create a fresh copy from the Help > Interactive Tutorial menu. When you first chose this option (or selected it from the New Project window), you were prompted to create a name for the project and choose a location to save it–your Documents folder, by default. With the tutorial closed in Scrivener, navigate to this location on your computer in Windows Explorer (e.g. click the “Documents” link in the right of the Windows start menu) and then find and delete the entire .scriv folder for that project–probably you just called it “tutorial” so you’ll find it here as “Tutorial.scriv”. After you’ve done that, back in Scrivener you can select the Interactive Tutorial option again from either the Getting Started category of the New Project window or from the Help menu, and you will be prompted to save a new copy, which will then open with everything reset from the original.

Since the tutorial is just a project that you create on your computer to work through, reinstalling the program as no effect on it–like other projects you’ll create, it is saved externally to the program and remains unaffected when you uninstall or update the program. The menu options just provide quick access to it by linking to wherever you saved it when you initially created the project.

I hope that helps! Thanks for giving Scrivener a try!

Thanks to both Stacey(UK) and Jennifer(MM) for solving my problem.

Stacey, when Scrivener opened the existing project I’d created I attempted the Help > Interactive Tutorial route but the prompt to save a new Tutorial File didn’t materialise.

So, then I deleted the Tutorial project I’d created as jennifer advised and that did the trick. I didn’t realise that the Tutorial with my deletions and alterations was, in effect, a project I’d created and therefore separate to the program itself and that’s obviously where I was going wrong.

First impressions during this baby step period are that the finer points of the program taken as a whole are a little daunting. But I feel the time taken to master them will be well worth the effort given the versatility, convenience and freedom the program gives you.

Many thanks to you both again for your invaluable help, I truly appreciate it.

Kind regards